What is a good wine?

A good wine is a wine you like. Choosing wine is a matter of taste. Even the most discriminating connoisseurs have different tastes. There is an infinite variety of wines and the wine you should choose is the wine that suits your taste.

What makes Novellino Wines sweeter than other wines?

Our wine undergoes the unique process of partial fermentation. In this process, not all the sugar in the grape juice is allowed to turn into alcohol. The sugar that’s left is what gives our wine its sweet taste.

Where is Novellino Wines made?

Our wine is made in the Philippines. We ferment and bottle our wine at our state of the art winery in Carmelray Industrial Park in Laguna using the latest in Italian winemaking technology.

What is the Filipino taste for wine?

We know that Filipinos like their wines sweet and fruity, and refreshingly light and smooth. We know this to be true from the results of taste tests we’ve conducted. And knowing this, we’ve crafted our wines to match this preference for sweetness.

Does this mean that that Filipinos won’t like wine other than sweet?

Absolutely not. You don’t always have to drink sweet. You can be a red wine person or a white wine person. You can be in between and choose rose or not play favorites and like all of them. Oh, and you can choose fruity or not so fruity. Our wines offer a range of fruit flavors—from a robust berry accent to a subtle hint of fruit.

What is the alcohol content of Novellino Wines?

Our wine is available in different varieties with differing alcohol content levels, ranging from 4.5% to 12%. So depending on your mood and depending on what you’re drinking your wine with, there’s always a Novellino wine for you. Remember, our lightly fermented variants like Rosso Classico, Strawberry Passion and Rosso Vivace Light are good for refreshment and go well with desserts. The “drier” versions such as RossoTradizionale and our Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon are great with meals.

What are the different varieties of Novellino wine?

Our wine comes in fifteen varieties – Rosso Classico, Bianco Classico, Strawberry Passion, Wild Blackberry, Luscious Peach, Rosso Vivace, Bianco Vivace, Rosso Classico Light, Rosso Vivace Light, Strawberry Passion Light, Rosso Tradizionale, Rosso Dell azienda, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and our newest Sangria.

Why does Novellino use plastic corks and screw caps instead of the traditional corks?

Plastic corks and screw caps do a better job at sealing our wines and eliminate the risk of bacteria getting into the wine.

What happens when wine is aged?

As wine ages, the juice, skins, seeds of grapes interact with each other and even the vessel that contains it. Wine that’s been aged in an oak barrel could be described as one with “oaky notes” because the taste of oak wood over the years has lent itself to the wine. As wine ages, it loses its fruitiness and develops into a something so complex and different from what it was in the start. Certainly, wine that has spent a lot of time fermenting will taste different from young wine. Some people like aged wine. Others don’t.

Does wine have to be aged to be good?

Wine gets better with age. That’s the general perception and belief. But, it’s not necessarily true.

There’s vintage wine that’s good and then there’s old wine that’s, just, oh well, old and not worth drinking. It all depends on how the wines ages—either gracefully or badly.

While it is true that the best wines are often those that improve with age, the majority of wines do not age well. On the contrary, they deteriorate with age.

So, really, what’s the answer to this question? It’s a resounding “No, wine doesn’t have to be aged to be good!”

What is fresh wine? Is Novellino Wines fresh?

As opposed to the old wine, there are the young and fresh wines. Young wine is not meant to be aged and therefore must be drunk young.

Fresh and young wine is typically fruity, sweet, refreshing and best when chilled. If this is the way you like your wine, then you will love Novellino wine.

Yes, our wine is fresh.

Why does Novellino use only stainless steel tanks instead of wooden barrels?

No, we don’t roll out any barrels from our winery. We don’t need that woody taste that wooden barrels give to wine. Our wine gets its flavor from the fruit we use to make our wine. Stainless steel tanks serve our purpose of producing wine that’s fruity, refreshing, sweet and delightful. Every bottle of our wine is a bottle of fun!

Is Novellino Wines expensive?

Novellino is reasonably priced, between 200 to more or less 350 pesos in supermarkets and wine shops, slightly more in restaurants and other “on-premise” outlets.Our high volume and efficient production methods allow us to keep costs within reasonable levels.

Why should I drink Novellino instead of imported wines?

Novellino Wines is designed with your taste in mind. If you like fruity, refreshing, and sweet, then our wine will certainly provide you with a delightful experience. Some wines are usually bitter and dry, definitely not approachable and drinkable as our wine is.

Our wine is made in the Philippines and that means it’s fresher than some wines. Imported wines have to cross oceans, move from wineries to warehouses to ports and then again to warehouses. Movement and changes in the environment can cause wine to deteriorate. In our case, we don’t have to worry about that.

Like a good, old friend, our wine is steadfast and dependable at all times. Our standardized winemaking processes ensure that our taste and quality is consistent, year in and year out.

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